We are a highly qualified Custom Picture Framer specializing in upper end framing and preservation of old documents, memorabilia, needlework, fine paper art as well as oil and acrylic paintings. We design and manufacture custom picture frames from hand wrapped silk mats with gold leaf frames to inexpensive metal poster frames.

Below are a few examples of our work and the various framing techniques we use. This section of our web site is constantly updated displaying the unique frames and the artwork or memories they contain.
Gauguin Original Painting
by Framing Examples

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Framed Price: Available Upon Request
This Gauguin painting is matted with neutral rag mat to serve as a protective barrier between the art and the wood fillet. The fillet has a antigue gold finish, and acts as a visual transition between the art and the frame. The top mat is hand-wrapped with a neutral raw silk. The closed corner frame gives it an exquisetly custom look. These frames are individually built to size, and then finished so that there are no visible corner seams. Every detail is hand- carved to reflect its particular dimension. Notice now the side trim faces outward from the center piont of the frame in every direction.

For more information regarding this piece, please call us at 805.542.9000 or send an email to examples@sloart.com

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