36-Star “Political Campaign” Civil War Era American Flag (Circa 1864-67)
by The Great Republic
Framed Price: Available Upon Request
This is a 36-star, Civil War era, political campaign flag – known as a “flag waver”. This flag would have been mounted on a small hand-held wooden stick and used at the viewing of parades or other patriotic events – most certainly in conjunction with President Grover Cleveland’s 1884 presidential election. The stars on this flag are portrayed in an almost whimsical way, but what makes this flag most interesting (and collectible) is that it has been used for political purposes. President Grover Cleveland is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms in the office. His first run was in 1884, with Thomas Hendricks running as his Vice-President and although this flag predates that election run it was most certainly used to support that ticket, probably from someone associated with, or from the 36th state of Nevada. This flag has twice had the names of Cleveland and Hendricks written upon its coarse, glazed cotton surface – once in script and once again in dark block handwritten letters.

For more information regarding this piece, please call us at 805.542.9000 or send an email to gallery@sloart.com

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